Office space - IED Milano contest

Poject info

Date October 2015
Location Milano, Italy
Surface 580 m2
Category Office

Our Solution

This project has a modernist architectural context, in a building that has a forked ingress – two separate hallways that independently lead towards the vertical movement nucleus.

This space office holds the operations of companies in the fields of ​​art and design. The first floor of the building has a very harmonious flow, where ideas can not only arise but also be implemented in an organized manner.

The concept behind the design is the union between art itself and its subtle sensitivity in a functional yet pleasant framework – the key element is the transition from organization and discipline toward the freedom of expression, from precise limits and data toward creativity, from the “intimate / silent / contemplative space” toward open spaces (social space) / implementation space. From straight lines toward curved ones.

As you can see, the idea of implementation is emphasized in spaces such as the conference room or the workstations. Here compositional base is dominated by rectangular shapes, stable and precise, that become increasingly abstract and perfect (round) towards the superior part of the room, mimicking the fruit of Creation. On the other hand, the space dedicated to relaxation is one where you can have an open discussion, where you can feel at ease and where every joke can turn into a new idea.

Regarding the furniture, lighting and accessories, I followed the Roche Bobois line in order enhance creativity. I also used objects specific to the decoration of an office space – dvoffice, lighting fixtures from deltalight and accent pieces from Roche Bobois and Flos.

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